Kocharyan: The Hayastan Dashinq Will “Restore Trust” As Parliamentary Opposition, Predicts New Elections In 1.5 Years.

The Hayastan Dashinq will restore public trust in the parliamentary opposition, said Robert Kocharyan, the Second President of Armenia, and the leader of the Hayastan Dashinq during the first general meeting of the Hayastan Dashinq, reports ArmRadio.

“We have become parliamentary opposition and have an opportunity to implement part of our goals. This is an important toolkit and we are going to make use of it,” said Kocharyan. He said the political crisis the snap elections were called to solve is still there, and added that the Hayastan Dashinq is the force that will fight to completely overcome it.

“The Hayastan Dashinq has become an institutional radical opposition and will make use of all opportunities granted by the legislation of the Republics of Armenia. Furthermore, we are going to restore public trust in parliamentary opposition,” said Kocharyan.

Kocharyan thanked the 270,000 citizens who voted for them. He also added that the results of the elections were surprising for them, since they expected other results.

Kocharyan said new snap elections will most probably be held in Armenia in a year-and-a-half since there will be a demand, said Kocharyan, reports News.am.

“We won’t let these authorities be at ease since they don’t understand and accept that they are to blame. We’ll show them who is to blame and who needs to be held liable.

“The government has two ways out of the situation. Either they continue to persecute members of the opposition and take actions that are in the interests of Ankara and Baku and Armenia’s interests, or they sharply change the current policy. However, they’re not changing the policy since they’re incapable. The authorities haven’t understood that their world view is the reason why there are problems. They will continue to behave the way they do, and this will lead to new snap elections,” said Kocharyan.

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