Hayastan Dashinq & “I Have Honor” Bloc To Appeal To The Constitutional Court To Declare Election Results Invalid.

The Hayastan Dashinq and the “I Have Honor” Bloc who both collected enough votes to secure seats in the parliament will appeal the results of the June 20 snap elections to the Constitutional Court of Armenia to declare the election results invalid.

On Sunday, Hayastan Dashinq’s Robert Hayrapetyan said the bloc will file an application with Armenia’s top court by July 2, alleging voter fraud and the use of administrative resources. Hayrapetyan said “we are dealing with” 200,000 ballots, which he said could have a significant impact on the outcome of the elections.

The “I Have Honor” Bloc’s Sos Hakobyan raised similar questions and said they will demand the annulment of elections results.

Levon Zurabyan, the Deputy Head of the Armenian National Congress said the party would not take the matter to the Constitutional Court, although the ANC said in an earlier statement that elections were “far from being free and fair.”

On Sunday, the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia summed up the final results of the snap parliamentary election held on June 20 after the completion of a final recount. The three political forces entering parliament are the Civil Contract Party, led by Acting PM Pashinyan who received 53.91% or 688,761 votes (71 seats), the Hayastan Dashinq, led by Second President Robert Kocharyan who received 21.09% or 269,481 votes (29 seats), and the “I Have Honor” Bloc who received 5.22% or 66,650 votes (7 seats), according to the the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia.

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