Kocharyan: We Do Not Recognize Election Results & Will Apply to Constitutional Court, Not Yet Decided To Take Parliamentary Mandate.

DEVELOPING STORY: The Hayastan Dashinq will appeal the results of the election to the constitutional court, and it has not decided whether it will take its parliamentary mandates, said Robert Kocharyan, Second President of Armenia, and the leader of the Hayastan Dashinq during a post-election press conference.

Here are the takeaways from the Hayastan Dashinq post-election press conference:

  • According to Hayastan Dashinq’s candidate, Robert Kocharyan, “The election results were unexpected not only for us, but for the whole people, because all polls showed completely different numbers.”
  • Hayastan Dashinq does not recognize the election results and will appeal to the constitutional court.
  • The bloc has been asked whether they have lost or not. This is not a presidential election with only one winner. Those who do not get into parliament lose in the parliamentary elections, according to Kocharyan.
  • Hayastan Dashinq has not yet decided whether their bloc will take the parliamentary mandates or not. 
  • If the authorities continue to pursue the same policy of vendettas and provocations, then most likely we will face another early elections.
  • Kocharyan states that he does not see himself in parliament, describing himself as a person of the executive branch. But he has reiterated that he hasn’t made a final decision yet.
  • How can you believe in the authorities of Armenia, about the so-called reconciliation, if at the same time they are again trying to arrest doctor Armen Charchyan, who saved thousands of lives. Charchyan isn’t the director of the Izmirlian Medical Center and a representative of the Hayastan Dashinq.
  • “This was the last bullet of the revolution,” Kocharyan commented on the reason for their defeat. Kocharyan expressed confidence that the majority of those voting for the current government actually voted against the return of the former government.
  • Kocharyan noted that they intend to continue to fight for what they stand for both in the m parliament and in the streets. Against this background, he cited the words of his colleague, former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan, that “it is necessary to preserve and strengthen the occupied borders.” “Yesterday we discussed this issue, and Seyran Ohanyan made an interesting comparison with the war, said that if you do not solve the whole problem on the battlefield, but take some trenches, then you should not leave these trenches, but strengthen them for further attack. We do not have a war, but this is a political struggle, and this comparison can perhaps be applied to us. Yes, I think that we have received very serious new opportunities to continue our struggle,” Kocharian said.

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