1,000 Azerbaijani Troops Illegally Remain On Armenian Land, Russian Peacekeepers To Be Deployed In Gegharkunik Province.

Nearly 1,000 Azerbaijani troops continue to be illegally located in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, said Artak Davtyan, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia told reporters today, reports Armenpress.

He stated that the number of Azerbaijani troops illegally located on the Armenian territory has not changed.

It is expected to deploy Russian peacekeepers in Gegharkunik province of Armenia, processes are underway, said the Army Chief adding that “the final decision is not only the desire of our side, other sides are also participating, negotiations are underway. We will provide additional information about implementation and other technical issues”, said Davtyan to reporters.

“We have nothing to ask Azerbaijan in our territory, but the talks are underway with the Russian side, because there are some issues, and our goal is to remove Azerbaijani troops from our territory without clashes”, Artak Davtyan said.

Asked whether some concessions in Gegharkunik are possible, he said there won’t be any concessions, adding that if the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces is not solved by negotiations, the issue will be solved by respective actions.

Davtyan said the number of incidents taking places between the Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers on the border has declined and that “it is connected with the negotiation process which is in an active stage. Not much is said in order not to harm this process, the final results will be visible in the option which we will present”, said the Army Chief.

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