With 100% of Votes Counted, Civil Contract Leads With 53.92%, Hayastan Dashinq 2nd – 21.04% & ‘I Have Honor’ Bloc 3rd – 5.23%.

Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract Party retains his lead with 53.92% or 687,251 of the vote in the snap parliamentary elections after counting the votes from all 2,008 polling stations, according to the Central Election Commission of Armenia after counting 1,281,911 ballots.

Robert Kocharyan’s Hayastan Dashinq finished second in the election with 21.04% or 268,165 of the vote.

Arthur Vanetsyan’s “I Have Honor” Bloc finished third with 5.23% or 66,633 of the vote, even though it didn’t pass the 7% threshold, it entered parliament as the third force with most votes since Gagik Tsarukyan’s Prosperous Armenia failed it meet the 5% threshold as it only received 3.96% or 50,416 of the vote.

The electoral code of Armenia allows the Civil Contract Party who received over 50% of the votes in the snap parliamentary elections, to independently form a government.

According to the Constitution of Armenia, the Electoral Code guarantees the formation of a stable parliamentary majority in the parliament following elections – 54% of the seats in the legislative body.

The code itself provides mechanisms for ensuring such a majority. In particular, if one of the parties received a majority of the total number of mandates, but less than 54 percent, then this party receives such a minimum number of additional mandates. As a result, the number of mandates of this party in percentage terms should be at least 54 percent.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, “In the newly elected parliament, the “Civil Contract” party will have a constitutional majority and will form a government.”

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