Civil Contract Declares Victory as It Leads With 57.1%, Hayastan Dashinq In 2nd With 19.3% With 50.5% Of The Vote Counted.

With only 50.5% of the vote counted, Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract Party declared victory with 57.10% of the vote, followed by Robert Kocharyan’s Hayastan Dashinq who came in second with 19.30% of the vote, he said during his speech at the headquarters of the Civil Contract Party.

Out of 648,097 or 50.5% of the counted votes out of the 1,281,174 total votes, the following are the top parties & alliances/blocs according to preliminary results provided by Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC):

Civil Contract: 368,204 votes, 57.10%

Hayastan Dashinq: 124,435 votes, 19.30%

I Have Honor: 34,411 votes, 5.34%

Prosperous Armenia: 28,762 votes, 4.46%

Bright Armenia: 6,999 votes, 1.09%

ANC: 8,110 votes, 1.26%

To note, these numbers will change as we receive entire vote is counted in the coming days. Political parties need to overcome the 5% threshold, while party blocs/alliances a 7% threshold to enter parliament. 

Pashinyan said, the people of Armenia carried out a “second revolution” within the past three years, this time a “steel” one instead of 2018’s “velvet” one. He pledged to fulfill all agreements reached during the election campaign with the people, adding that in the coming days he will begin holding consultations with all of the political forces in order to understand their views on the consolidation of political life and public potential.

He noted that the page of election fraud is now closed forever. He thanked the Police, the National Security Service for preventing cases of bribery and other violations. He thanked international partners – Russia, the US, the EU, France, Iran, Georgia and others for supporting Armenia on its difficult path, adding that he intends to expand cooperation within the framework of the CSTO and the EAEU.

“The people of Armenia spoke and made their decision, and the content of this decision is clear. It was formulated during the election campaign. What was expected happened. It was expected that a citizen would inevitably win these elections,” he said. Pashinyan thanked and expressed words of gratitude to the citizens of Armenia, “who after going through cruel trials, found each other again,” adding that “now the time has come to restore national and social harmony.”

Nikol Pashinyan invited his supporters to the Republic Square on Monday at 8:00 pm to hand over the “steel mandate” to the Prime Minister-elect and his team.

The Hayastan Dashinq “Armenia Alliance” has issued a statement saying it will not accept the election results “until all the problematic issues have received comprehensive explanations and doubts have been dispelled,” adding that the published election results are “highly controversial and do not inspire confidence.”

The Hayastan Dashinq’s full statement runs as follows,

“They are in stark contrast to the various manifestations of public life we have witnessed over the past eight months, to all the results of public opinion polls, including international, and finally, to common sense.

The very large gatherings of the opposition forces during the campaign, the apparently small number for the people in power, the crisis of confidence in the country, indicated the existence of completely different public moods. The most serious reason for the lack of trust is the hundreds of alarms coming from different polling stations on election day, which testify to the systematic, pre-planned falsification of the election results.

Taking into account the above-mentioned, the Hayastan Dashinq said it will immediately undertake a deep and substantiated study of registered and alleged violations. The Hayastan Dashinq said it will not accept the election results until all the problematic issues have received comprehensive explanations and doubts have been dispelled.”

On June 20, snap parliamentary elections were held in Armenia as we saw 25 political forces – 21 parties and 4 blocs compete for seats in the National Assembly. 

The counting of votes has not yet been completed, but according to the preliminary results, Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party is leading by a large margin.

1,281,174 or 49.4% of eligible voters participated in the snap parliamentary elections out of the total 2,593,572 million citizens eligible to vote, per Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission.

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