Armenians Begin Voting In The Snap Parliamentary Elections.

Armenians begin heading to polls to cast their ballot in the snap parliamentary elections. A total of 2,008 polling stations across 38 electoral districts throughout the country opened as of 08:00 am on June 20, 2021.

2,578,678 citizens are eligible to vote. Voting will continue until 8:00 pm Yerevan time, after which the counting of votes will begin. Starting in the afternoon, the Central Electoral Commission will announce voter turnout every three hours.

These elections were distinguished by a record number of electoral competitors in the history of the country. Political parties need to overcome the 5% threshold, while party blocs – 7% threshold.

25 political forces – 21 parties and 4 blocs are running in the election:

  1. “Fair Armenia” party
  2. “Armenian National Congress” party
  3. “Civil Contract” party
  4. “Zartonk” National Christian party 
  5. Liberty party
  6. Alliance “With Honor”
  7. United Homeland party
  8. Pan Armenian National Statehood party
  9. Bright Armenia party
  10. Our Home Is Armenia party
  11. “Republic” party
  12. “Hayots Hayreniq” party
  13. “Free Motherland” alliance
  14. “Prosperous Armenia” party
  15. Democratic Party of Armenia
  16. “5165 national conservative movement” party
  17. “Citizen’s Decision” social-democratic party
  18. “Shirinyan-Babadjanyan Democrats Union”
  19. “National Agenda” party
  20. Verelq party
  21. Liberal party
  22. Blank
  23. European Party of Armenia
  24. “Armenia” alliance
  25. “National Democratic Axis” pan-Armenian party
  26. “Sovereign Armenia” party

19 local and 18 international organizations will observe the elections.

49 foreign and 68 local media outlets have been accredited to cover the election process.

Each citizen with the right to vote will receive 25 ballots at the polling station. In the booth, they must select the ballot paper of the preferred political force and put it in an envelope without making notes on it.

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