Robert Kocharyan: We Will Not Shake The Hammer, We Will Use The Hammer For Its Intended Purpose In Construction.

“We will not shake the hammer, we love construction and will use the hammer for its intended purpose in construction,” said Robert Kocharyan, the Second President of Armenia, and the leader of the Hayastan Dashinq during a campaign rally with the residents of Maralik in the Shirak province, reports

It should be reminded that for several days now, the acting Prime Minister, armed with a hammer, has been threatening his opponents with “hitting rusty nails”.

“We do not need to be hysterical. Anger is a manifestation of weakness. Man is trying to somehow compensate for his complexes. I have held the highest positions of Prime Minister and President of Armenia for 11 years, and you will not hear from anyone that I raise my voice. “But there was no task that would not be fulfilled,” Kocharyan said.

Kocharyan stressed the advantage of his team in management skills. ‘It is even more obvious against the background of the governance crisis in the country. This crisis is the only, I would say, the main reason for the defeat in the war. Even in peacetime, governance requires experience and knowledge, and in times of crisis, it requires double will and determination, the ability to make quick decisions. “It is something that we do not have at all,” he stressed.

Kocharyan said, everything depends on the authorities, in what mood they wake him up, who will put what position and what kind of seizure it will cause. “Society is confused. A leader must have certain qualities. The lack of such qualities is a big problem for Armenia now. Leadership qualities aim and mobilize resources to achieve that. It does not exist. They do not even know where they are going. We are going to change that.”

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