PM: The Return Of Our 15 Captives Inspires Hope That We’ll Have A Significant Change In The Regional Climate In Near Future.

The return of our 15 captives, which took place a few days ago, gives us hope that we will have a significant change in the regional climate in the near future, said acting PM Nikol Pashinyan, and the leader of the Civil Contact Party during a campaign rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square, reports Tert.

“There is no doubt that all our captive brothers will soon return to their homeland, but it is possible that events in humanitarian issues will take place as soon as possible, without any inhumane and inhumane bargaining. Armenia expresses its readiness to take such steps. “All our international partners have seen the position and are convinced of it,” said Pashinyan.

Nikol Pashinyan spoke about the security of the Sotk-Khoznavar road, emphasizing that this problem should be solved peacefully. 

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