Pashinyan: Armenia Ruling Party Promises $1,000 For Videos Proving Vote Buying.

Have you heard that anyone from the authorities distributes election bribes? Say honestly, please, said acting PM Nikol Pashinyan during a campaign rally with the residents of Jermuk in the Vayots Dzor province, reports

According to him, the aforesaid is one of the absurdities that the rumors about vote buying refer to the opposition. “But there is also good news. At the moment, five people have already been arrested on the case on vote buying. (…). at the moment, we have 55 people involved in the case on vote buying, and law enforcement promises us a ‘harvest’ quite ahead in the coming days,” said Pashinyan.

“But I want to make that ‘harvest’ further, and I want to make such a statement that the Civil Contract Party promises a reward of 500,000 drams—equivalent of $1,000—for videos attesting to, proving vote buying,” Pashinyan added.

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