Marukyan Considers The Formation Of A Government Of National Accord To Be The Solution In The Current Situation.

The Bright Armenia Party is satisfied with the campaign and there activity, said Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the Bright Armenia Party, expressing confidence that their messages reach their destination, reports Armenpress.

“I will present to you our research that we have carried out in big cities. At the moment, Bright Armenia Party is in the 3rd place. We had a very active campaign, our messages got there and to our surprise, they had more impact than we thought. The two obsessed poles helped each other to make our message more influential. “They have intensified the struggle against each other so much that the message of solidarity to form a united national government in the central part has twice as effective,” said Edmon Marukyan.

Bright Armenia will actively continue its campaign in the coming days. The party prefers house visits, meeting with residents in the yards, rather than indoor or artificial demonstrations. They set themselves the task of delivering their messages to those who were not oriented.

Edmon Marukyan expressed confidence that “Bright Armenia” will play a unique role in preventing possible clashes after the elections and forming a government of solidarity.

“I see other political forces joining my message of solidarity. Today our enemy is the Azerbaijani army, which has crossed the border, we can not look for enemies inside, we must follow the path of solidarity, there is no alternative to it. These elections are set to find solutions. The key is to form a government of national accord, “said Edmon Marukyan.

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