Kocharyan: The Hayastan Dashinq Has Confidence That It Will Win In The Elections.

The Hayastan Dashinq is confident that it will win the snap parliamentary elections and will take responsibility for the country, said Robert Kocharyan, Second President of Armenia, the leader of the Hayastan Dashinq during a campaign rally with the residents of Artik in the Shirak province, reports Armenpress.

According to him, during the elections, the government should be evaluated by the fulfillment of its promises, and the opposition, by what promises it makes, does it have the potential to fulfill those promises. “I even think that it is, easy, and difficult for you to assess from the point of view that there is nothing to compare in terms of what the current government has done or not done,” said Kocharyan, expressing an opinion that a government that does not fulfill its promises is seeking re-election.

He also criticized the personnel resources of the current government. “Several key ministries were eliminated: the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Culture,” Kocharyan said, recalling the change of 5 heads in the NSS, 4 heads in the General Staff, and 3 ministers in the economy over the past three years. 

For comparison, he reminded that during his tenure, Minister of Agriculture Davit Lokyan worked for 7 years, Chief of Police Hayk Harutyunyan for 8 years.

“The Hayastan Dashinq is a unit that announces today that it is coming to power, has confidence that it will win, will bear this election, will take responsibility for the country,” said Kocharyan, adding that they are better will be with their experience and knowledge.

Kocharyan suggested the citizens to remember their past, whether they keep their promises or not. “Dashnaktsutyun is a party that has traditions, is the guardian of the value system, with which I have a long experience of cooperation.” And the “Reborn Armenia” party was born in Syunik, which is the focus of our security threats, and spreads all over Armenia. This format is not a random format, it shows what our emphasis will be on. We aim to build a nation state, we aim to resolve security issues very quickly. I have that experience, “Kocharyan assured.

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