Ararat Mirzoyan: You May Be Disappointed With Us, But You Can Not Endanger Our Freedom, Equality & Democracy.

Armenia has two choices in these elections, First, surrender and go back to the past, or break the chain of despair and build the future of Armenia step by step, said Ararat Mirzoyan, the Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, and member the Civil Contact Party during a campaign rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square, reports Armenpress.

Mirzoyan first presented what they have done for 3 years, urging to take into account that in the first year they did not have a parliamentary majority, therefore, the necessary tools for reforms, reminding of the coronavirus, also the war. Among the reforms of the political system, he mentioned the adoption of the new Electoral Code, the amendment of the law on parties. Speaking about judicial reforms, Mirzoyan noted that, unfortunately, they are still unfinished, but mentioned the adoption of a law on confiscation of illegal property. He reminded about the increase of state budget taxes by more than 26%, increase of the minimum wage and other reforms.

“Those who are standing here, those who are disappointed or hesitant, the outcome of this election will decide not whether we, the people standing on the platform, will be in power, but the continuation of the changes I have mentioned. You may be disappointed in us, but you may not be disappointed in your dreams, your perceptions of your country. You may be disappointed in us, but you can not doubt and endanger freedom, equality, and democracy. “You can not question your own struggle for these values three years ago,” said Mirzoyan.

Mirzoyan considers the forthcoming snap parliamentary elections to be a cornerstone in choosing a path. “First, surrender, accept, break, go back to the past, to the zeroing of the decisive role of the citizen, deprivation of the citizen, rigged elections, and secondly, to break the chain of despair, to get out of the psychological deadlock, to straighten the back, to continue the necessary reforms without stopping, to build the future of Armenia step by step. And that future definitely exists. And the choice is unequivocal, there is a future.”

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