Sargsyan Says Pashinyan No Longer Has The Majority Of Votes According To A Secret Report Prepared By State Bodies.

Last evening, I had the chance to become familiar with a confidential report showing the statistics on the possible results of the upcoming elections across the country, and, according to that document the capitulator [Nikol Pashinyan] no longer has the majority of votes, said Serzh Sargsyan, Third President of Armenia, and member of the “I Have the Honor” Bloc’s during a campaign meeting with the citizens of the Ararat province, reports

“This information needs to inspire us all, and not just because we’re going to send these authorities home after the elections. You know, Armenians are sentimental and, in many cases, gullible, but over the past three years, we have almost always said that some people are charmed and others are under a spell, but after the losses and victims [of the war], it is safe to say that the people’s eyes have been opened. The capitulator will no longer be in power, and he knows this. We have two objectives. The first is to reinforce our victory with votes on June 20. The second is to defend our victory after the elections. I call on everyone to affirm this with votes on June 20,” said Sargsyan.

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