PM Pashinyan Says The Recognition Of Armenian Genocide By President Biden Was A Direct Reaction To The 44-Day War.

Turkey’s policy towards Armenia has not changed during the last 150 years, it remains aggressive and genocidal, said acting PM Nikol Pashinyan during a campaign rally with the residents of Kapan in the Syunik province, referring to the aggressive and destabilizing announcements by Azerbaijan and Turkey, reports Armenpress.

“There are many legends of how it happened that the U.S. President recognized the Armenian Genocide. It was the direct reaction of the USA to the 44-day war, because we always forget that we were not fighting against only Azerbaijan, but against the Turkish-Azerbaijani-Pakistani alliance,” said Pashinyan.

“But I want to tell you that we should oppose the aggressive policy of Azerbaijan by international restraint tools, of course, seriously reforming our armed forces during this period, deepening our strategic relations with the Russian Federation and continuing the strategic dialogue with the USA, ensuring the involvement of the OSCE Mink Group Co-chairs in the security issues of our region,” added Pashinyan.

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