Pashinyan: We Will Break, Cut Off Every Hand That Tries To Divide The Syunik Province From The Rest Of Armenia.

Today I did not come to Syunik alone; today representatives from all provinces, all the cities of Armenia came to Syunik because those who steal like mice from the people try to divide Syunik from Armenia, as if Syunik and the rest of Armenia are different things, said acting PM Nikol Pashinyan during an election campaign rally in Sisian in the Syunik province, reports

“No. And they do it under the popular motto ‘divide and rule’ for a few kopecks of theirs. We say no, Armenia is one, it is united, and it is strong with unity. Syunik is as much Armenia as [the capital] Yerevan, as much as Gyumri [city], as much as Lori, as much as Tavush [Provinces], and we will break and will cut off any hand trying to oppose Syunik to the rest of Armenia,” he stated.

Pashinyan added that the nationwide rally of the CCP will kick off at 8pm Thursday at Republic Square in Yerevan.

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