PAP Leader Tsarukyan Says Today, There Is No Black & White, Today, There Is Only The Armenian Nation, Which Must Be United.

Today there is no black and white, today there is only the Armenian nation, which must be united, said Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party during a campaign meeting with the citizens of the Shirak province, reports Armenpress.

He noted that it is impossible to have a strong state unless the people are provided with jobs and “the people’s loans, debts and penalties” are closed. “People in powerful countries live a prosperous life, not families take several loans at once,” said Tsarukyan.

The PAP leader also spoke about the need to provide housing for people living in “houses” in Gyumri, as well as young families, stating that this is one of their priorities.

Speaking about Armenia’s security, Tsarukyan noted that it is necessary to have close relations with Russia. “Our borders must be guarded by Armenian-Russian soldiers so that they are unshakable so that not even a fly passes,” he said.

The PAP leader added that he will use his connections and opportunities to get the people out of the current difficult situation.

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