Iranian Parliament: If A Corridor Is Launched Through Armenia, Turkey Will Try To Make The Armenian-Iranian Border Useless.

The Research Center of the Iranian Parliament has prepared a report on “The War between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the National Interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” stressed that there is uncertainty on the 9th point of the November 10 trilateral agreement, as Armenia talks about opening communication channels and Azerbaijan talking about creating a corridor, per PanArmenian.

It was noted that if the corridor is launched, Turkey will use that route to transport goods, energy, and try to turn the Armenian-Iranian border into a practically useless border, cut off Iran’s access to the Caucasus. It was pointed out that if they ensure the ground contact between the Turkic speaking states, Iran will be left out of Central Asia, transportation and transit of energy products and processes, writes Region Monitor.

It was stressed that the creation of the corridor is most likely Turkey’s wish, which is expressed through the Azerbaijani authorities. It was noted that the creation of such a corridor will contribute to the realization of Turkey’s regional goal – the creation of the Great Turan. It was stressed that Baku has repeatedly threatened to create a corridor, and in this context, the operations on the Armenian border are possible.

The conclusion is that Iran should increase its role by the following means:

Completion of North-South-East-West corridors,

  • Increasing the channels of communication with Azerbaijan, in particular with the “liberated territories”,
  • Facilitation of communication between Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan through Iran
  • Renovation and completion of the “Iran-Iran” overland road.
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