Former President Sargsyan: We Must Be Ready To Avoid A Civil War.

That person, sorry, the non-man, openly says that if he does not take 60 percent [of the votes], problems will arise, said Serzh Sargsyan, Third President of Armenia, during the “I Have the Honor” Bloc’s campaign rally, referring to acting PM Nikol Pashinyan, reports

“Now he does whatever he wants. Do you see what is in his hand? It seems he wants it [the hammer] to be  taken from his hand once, hit him on the head [with it] so that he understands what is going on. Who is he planning [it] for?,” said Sargsyan.

Now we have seen everything; we saw defeat, we saw the death of thousands of young people. What is left? A civil war is left. It seems that one is left. Let him show that, too, so that, in general, our dignity will reach zero. But we must be ready to resist it, he added.

“I have said during one of the [campaign] meetings that we should oppose his ‘steel’ revolution with a ‘shield’ made of a ‘harder material’ and have a ‘truncheon’ in our hands, so that whoever comes with a ‘hammer’ in his hand will be given a ‘truncheon’ on the head; there is no other way. What should we do?” added Sargsyan.

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