Bright Armenia Candidate Says “We Have High Chances Of Winning During Elections.”

“There are high chances of our victory in the upcoming elections,” said Davit Khazhakyan, a Bright Armenia Party candidate for MP, told reporters during a campaign meeting in the Kanaker-Zeytun district of Yerevan, reports

Khazhakyan added that Bright Armenia Party is the only real alternative to the former and current authorities and that the Government of National Accord, which the political party is trying to shape based on the results of the elections, must include specialists representing both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces.

Presenting one of the points in the political party’s platform, Khazhakyan mentioned the need to introduce a norm by virtue of law, according to which a certain percentage of taxes paid to the budget by this or that community must be kept in the community budget in order to strengthen the particular community’s financial independence.

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