Acting PM Pashinyan Says “Armenia Is Committed To Fulfilling The Obligations Of The Nov. 9 Statement, Unlike Azerbaijan.”

Armenia is committed to all the international obligations it has assumed in its November 9 statement, unlike Azerbaijan, which has not yet fully returned our captives, said acting PM Nikol Pashinyan during a campaign rally with the residents of Kapan in the Syunik province, reports Armenpress.

Remembering that he was called a traitor in the squares to sign that statement, he mentioned. “Nobody says I will come and cancel that announcement. You are a double traitor, if you say it is a betrayal, do you come to take care of it?”

Pashinyan called not to give in to any kind of manipulation, including Azerbaijani. “There is no word in Meghri, Zangezur or corridor in the statement,” said Pashinyan, noting that the comment on the document was given in a January 11 trilateral statement in Moscow.

“We are generally in favor of opening communication channels in the region, because the more Azerbaijan needs it, the more we need it,” he said, emphasizing that they will ensure the country’s security and safety.

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