A Border Altercation Erupted Between Armenians And Azeris In Syunik’s Tegh Village.

Two Armenian villagers heroically confront around 10 Azeri troops who drew weapons on them in the village of Tegh in Syunik, informs Tegh Mayor Nerses Shadunts, reports Sputnik Armenia

The two Armenian villagers were mowing their grass in the morning when  when about ten armed Azerbaijani soldiers descended on them informing them that they had found themselves in Azeri-controlled territory.

“The Azeri soldiers surrounded us and said: ‘You are on our territory.’ The Armenian villager replied ‘Okay, if so, we will return.’

The Azeri soldiers replied “No, we will all go to our unit together,” as they pointed their weapons on the two Armenian villages.

The Armenian then took out a grenade and pulled the ring and said: “Then we will all go to the next world together.

Upon learning of the incident, Tegh Mayor Nerses Shadunts appealed to the commanders of the units of the Armenian and Russian border troops, as well as to the Governor of the Syunik region.

Shadunts said the “Armenian soldiers and the Russian peacekeepers went to the incident and resolved the issue. An agreement was reached so that the border would not be crossed. But it is difficult until the border is finally demarcated.”

The Tegh village had large areas, around 60,000 small and about 10,000 cattle, several thousand hectares of grain are cultivated. Now, there are three times less sheep and the arable land has also decreased, he recalled.

The Tegh village is located on the road from Goris to Stepanakert, and its agricultural lands are on the border of Armenia and the regions of Azerbaijani-Occupied Artsakh.

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