Robert Kocharyan Says Hayastan Dashinq Is Coming To Power To Overcome The Security, Economic & Political Crises Of The Country.

Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan said the Hayastan Dashinq is coming to power to overcome the three main challenges facing the country: security, economic and political crises, at a meeting with the citizens in Erebuni, reports Armenpress.

“We are on the right path, we have taken the right step, but we are also taking great responsibility. There are three crises in Armenia at the same time: security, because the country is not safe, borders are not protected, the second is the economic crisis, as unemployment, poverty and emigration are growing, and the third is the internal political crisis, the atmosphere of hatred. And all this is the result of the work of the current regime. And each of these crises is enough for a change of government,” said Kocharyan, adding that there have never been elections in Armenia when security is the number one issue.

“We come for one purpose – to ensure the security of the country, to correct the current state of the army, to protect our borders. We are coming to overcome the economic crisis, to ensure economic growth, to create jobs and to stop emigration. By the way, during the whole period of Armenia’s independence we had immigration only for three years of my presidency, we must repeat this. “Finally, we are coming to bring calm to our society,” Kocharyan concluded.

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