Edmon Marukyan Offers To Form A Unity Gov’t To Take Country Out Of Situation & Not Have Opposition For 3-5 Years.

Bright Armenia party leader Edmon Marukyan stated today that they will not join a separate force like they stated from the very beginning, reports Aysor.am.

“Either all the forces unite and take the country out of the existing situation or it does not take place and the second round of elections will take place. Consequently, for the second round not to take place and for not keeping the country in shocks for other 28 days it is necessary to authorize Bright Armenia party to form reconciliation and national unity government,” Marukyan said.

He stated that in case the agenda proposed by him wins, there will be no opposition.

“We may not have opposition for three years. Opposition may be in normal conditions, consequently, we may have government of consent for 3-5 years and take the country out of the existing situation,” Marukyan said.

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