Edmon Marukyan: Nikol Pashinyan Will Not Be Able To Get His “Steel Mandate” With 60% Of The Vote In Elections..

If one of the political forces manages to get 51% of votes, the other will definitely declare that the election results in Armenia have been rigged; that is exactly why I say that no political force participating in the election campaign should garner that many votes,  reports News.am.

Edmon Marukyan, chairman of the opposition Bright Armenia Party (BAP), head of its parliamentary faction, and who heads the BAP electoral list for the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, on Friday said this to reporters at the downtown Kentron district of Yerevan within the framework of their election campaign.

According to the politician, this is a direct path leading to internal conflicts and civil war in Armenia. “Well, and the Turks, looking at the watch, are waiting for when it will happen at us,” Marukyan added.

Also, he noted that if Armenia manages to form a parliament that will meet their agenda, the BAP is ready to put aside ambitions and, if necessary, even not to nominate its candidate for the post of Prime Minister. “But in that case, a person who is not connected with any current political force, who will have the support of the whole Armenian people, must be elected prime minister. He must form a government of popular trust,” the BAP leader said.

Marukyan ruled out that acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his political team, as well as any of the other political forces will manage to get 60% of the votes in the forthcoming elections.

To note, during his election campaign rallies in the provinces, Pashinyan asks the voters to give him a “steel mandate” with 60 percent of the votes in order to organize “civil vendettas,” and “personnel massacres” in the state system of Armenia.

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