Sixteen ARF Members Protesting In Front Of The Gov’t Building Arrested, Including A Candidate For The Hayastan Dashinq.

Sixteen members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) youth protesting in front of the Government building were brought to the police, reports Armenpress.

“They were brought to the police station for committing acts provided for in Article 182 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (failure to comply with a lawful request of a serviceman or a police officer),” said the police.

During the protest, a tense situation arose as police started arresting the protesters. Among the arrestees was Argishti Gevorgyan, a candidate on the the Hayastan Dashinq’s electoral list.

Some of the young people closed the intersection leading to Nalbandyan Street , and the police urged them to open the road, not to obstruct the movement of vehicles, otherwise the coercive measures prescribed by law will be applied. A few minutes later, the police started arresting those who blocked the street.

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