Gagik Tsarukyan Says He Sees The Need For A New Military-Political Agreement Between Armenia & Russia.

Gagik Tsarukyan, who heads the list of the Prosperous Armenia Party, considers ensuring Armenia’s security a priority issue, for which he proposes signing a new military-political document with Russia, he said at a meeting with citizens in Tavush within the framework of the campaign, reports Armenpress.

Tsarukyan first reminded the PAP slogan – “Safe Homeland, Strong State.”

“Today we can do nothing without a secure homeland. The primary task is to be able to ensure the security of our country, border and people,” said Tsarukyan.

He added that other rumors about border violations and border incidents should be stopped.

“There is no other solution, we must sign a new military-political document with our Russian friends. Armenian-Russian soldiers must keep the border together so that our people can be calm,” said the PAP leader.

He noted that only after ensuring security should we deal with economic development. Tsarukyan also spoke about agriculture, loans and other issues.

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