ECHR Approves Armenia’s Request, Says Interim Measures Against Azerbaijan Should Remain In Force.

In reply to the Armenian Government’s request on the protection of rights of six prisoners of war captured by Azerbaijan on May 27, 2021 the European Court of Human Rights by its decision of June 8, 2021 reiterated that the decision (November 3, 2020) to apply interim measures against Azerbaijan still stands and equally applies to all prisoners of war and civilian captives, said the Representative of Armenia before the ECHR, reports Armenpress.

“Azerbaijani authorities have provided medical documents on the health conditions of all six prisoners of war as well as bills of indictment.

In addition, the European Court of Human Rights rejected the Azerbaijani Government’s request to lift the interim measures adopted in respect of individuals not confirmed as captives by Azerbaijan. In this connection the Court has decided that those interim measures should remain in force”, the statement says.

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