Sargsyan: This Election Is Between Having Or Not Having A State, Between Losing Or Not Losing Our Homeland.

Former President Serzh Sargsyan in a campaign kick off, declared that, “This election is between having or not having a state, between losing or not losing the homeland.” He added, “Our task is to establish internal solidarity and to close the way for repetitions, reports Armenpress and Infocom.

All those who will stand by us in the trench of the struggle against the state-destroying scum from this moment on, and not at the moment when they will smell our victory, we will declare amnesty, not forgiveness, because there is nothing more precious than the homeland. Otherwise, for me, they will remain deserters with all the consequences. By voting for this traitor, you will agree to the surrender of Artsakh, and later Syunik, you will allow the war to continue.”

Representatives of the Republican Party of Armenia and the “I have honor” bloc of the “Fatherland” party announced at the official start of the election campaign that they plan to present their ideas about the future to the population while touring the regions. The leader of the Republican Party of Armenia, the third President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan stated at the June 7 press conference that in case of winning the special parliamentary elections, the “I have honor” bloc intends to establish internal solidarity and close the way to expropriation.

The “I have honor” bloc formed by the RPA and the “Homeland” party, by its example, shows the people the need to compromise for the sake of national goals, to work together. In the next two weeks, our candidates, together with us, will tour all the regions of the republic, our program, our ideas for the future, will be presented to the Armenian people, said Sargsyan, emphasizing that they are determined.

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