Pashinyan: Armenian POWs Will Forgive Us For Two More Months In Baku Prison But Wont If We Give Up Our Sovereignty.

Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan said that the Armenian Prisoner-Of-War will forgive us for two more months of imprisonment in Baku Prison, but will not forgive us if we give up our sovereignty for their freedom, during a election campaign visit to the Armavir region, reports

“You must realize that today they want to use the issue of the prisoners-of-war against our state and people to force disproportionate concessions. Yes, those guys are fighting in Baku prisons for Armenia’s independence, for Armenia’s sovereignty. And, yes, they will forgive us for being held captive for a month or two more. But they will not forgive us if we give up our country’s independence and sovereignty for their freedom,” said Pashinyan.

Pashinyan says that they should pay attention to the families of the captives and that the state is doing everything possible.

“But let us not be hurt by our pain. Let us not allow our wounds to deepen with us,” Pashinyan stressed.

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