Pashinyan Tops Kocharyan By 1.8% In New Polls As They Emerge As The Main Rivals, Gap Narrows 15 Days Before Elections.

Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party’s lead over the “Hayastan Dashinq” led Former President Robert Kocharyan has drastically decreased, currently standing at 1.8%, a fresh survey conducted by Gallup International reveals, reports PanArmenian and ArmInfo.

The Civil Contract Party’s approval rating dropped by 10.7% from 33.1% in February, down to 22.4% in early June, however, support for the “Hayastan Dashinq” led Former President Robert Kocharyan increased by 14.6% from 7.8% in February to 22.4% in early June.

According to Gallup International, the results of the poll show that a majority of citizens still intend to take part in the June 20 parliamentary elections. In particular, 55.3% of the respondents noted that they would definitely vote. 11.9% said, “most likely yes,” 10.6% said “most likely not,” 20.7% said “definitely not,” and 1.5% found it difficult to answer.

At the same time, the majority of rural communities and regional cities, 31.8% and 19.4%, said they would vote for Pashinyan’s party respectively, and in Yerevan only 15.1% are ready to vote for him. Meanwhile, more votes for the “Hayastan Dashinq” are in Yerevan – 24.6%, in regional cities – 23.4%, and in villages – 14.5%.

All the other relatively major political forces gained a little ground, according to the survey. Prosperous Armenia’s rating grew from 3.7% to 4.2%, as did those of Bright Armenia (from 1.8% to 2.9%). “I Have the Honor” bloc, meanwhile, which was formed when the Republicans and the opposition Hayrenik party joined forces, has received the preliminary support of 3.9% of respondents.

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