Azerbaijani Blogger & Opposition Activist Mahammad Mirzali Targeted Once Again By Aliyev Regime At His Home In Nantes, France.

Yesterday, in Nantes, France, there was yet another targeted attempt at Mirzali Mahammad’s life. Mahammad is an Azerbaijani blogger and opposition activist. This attack is not the first attempt at silencing the opposition activist. Mirzali was attacked on March 14 by six men while walking in downtown Nantes in western France. He was stabbed at least 16 times and is currently in the hospital with severe injuries.

Mahammad tweeted yesterday appealing to human rights activists:

“I’m feeling it. Soon enough I’ll be killed by Aliyev’s regime. If I’m assassinated there’ll be two sides to blame. Aliyev’s the first of course, and the other’s the French government’s indifference. I still live at the same address. Thanks to everyone who supports me.

He continued, “They tried to break into my house this morning. I was able to take a picture. They want me dead because I tell the truth. Many times I wrote to Human Rights Watch and asked for help but I couldn’t get a definite answer from them. Now I locked myself in my apart. Counting hours.”

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