Armenia To Host “Thunder 2021” CSTO Drills For Special Operations Forces.

Armenia will host [Thunder] 2021 drills for special operations forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, CSTO Press Secretary Vladimir Zainetdinov said on Thursday, June 3, reports PanArmenian.

Zainetdinov revealed that staff negotiations on arranging the special exercise took place in Armenia on June 1-3.

Representatives of the Armenian police and other government agencies, members of the internal troops of the Belarusian, Kyrgyz and Russian Internal Affairs Ministries, the Drug Control Agency under the President of of Tajikistan, and the CSTO Secretariat took part in the negotiations.

The exercise will take place on the territory of Armenia and involve two stages, during which the CSTO special forces will use armored vehicles, special-purpose automobiles, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and service dogs.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

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