Armenia Suspends Activities of Trilateral Working Group Due To The Tense Situation On The Armenia-Azerbaijani Border.

Armenia has suspended the activities of the trilateral working group of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, which was created for the implementation of the Artsakh ceasefire terms, specifically relating to the unblocking of economic and transportation communications in the region, due to tense situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border after Azerbaijani troops illegally entered the sovereign borders of the Republic of Armenia, said Armenia’s Acting Deputy PM Mher Grigoryan at a briefing in parliament on Tuesday, reports Russian TASS news agency and Armenpress.

“Yerevan will do everything to ensure that the situation on the border is resolved by peaceful and diplomatic means,” he said.

“The Armenian side has not discussed & will not discuss issues within the logic of a “corridor” in the talks over unblocking transportation communications in the region, said Grigoryan when commenting on Azerbaijani President Aliyev statement that there is progress in the talks over the “Zangezur corridor.”

Grigoryan said “If by saying corridor some people mean transportation routes, it’s another question, if by saying corridor they mean any degree of influence related to sovereignty, I assure you that this is impossible during my discussions.” He said that either there will be an unblocking with the use of the full Armenian sovereign infrastructure or will there will not be.

As for the recent capture of 6 Armenian servicemen by the Azerbaijani forces, Grigoryan said this issue is being discussed at all occasions and during all meetings. He expressed hope that this issue will soon be solved.

On January 11, at a meeting in Moscow, the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to create a working group at the level of deputy prime ministers of the three countries, which will focus on the unblocking of economic and transportation communications in the region.

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