Azerbaijan’s MoD Accuses Armenia Of Targeting Positions In Nakhichevan, Armenia’s MoD Calls It A Blatant Lie.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense denies accusations put forth by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry that Armenian Armenian Forces opened fire in the direction of Nakhichevan.

The Armenian MoD said: “This is yet another blatant lie by Azerbaijan.”

The statement of the Armenian MoD runs as follows,

“The statement of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan that an Azerbaijani soldier was wounded by a shot fired by an Armenian is another blatant lie. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia did not open fire in the direction of Nakhichevan. Apparently, the reasons for the wounding of the Azerbaijani serviceman should be sought in the qualities of interpersonal relations of the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the issues related to discipline.”

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense claimed that on the night of May 27-28, Azeri positions near the Ashagi Buzgov in Nakhchivan came under fire by the Armenian armed forces from several directions in which an Azeri servicemen was wounded.

Azerbaijani MoD said: We declare that Armenia bears full responsibility for the relative aggravation of the situation in the Nakhchivan section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border. We call on the Armenian side to refrain from provocations and other steps that may aggravate the situation and to act responsibly.

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