Pashinyan Accuses Azerbaijan Of Trying To Create A Land Corridor To Nakhichevan By Using Force On The Territory Of Armenia.

The Azerbaijani troops, which entered the territory of Armenia in the bordering Syunik region, pursued their goal to provoke a military conflict and lay a ground corridor to Nakhichevan, stated acting PM Nikol Pashinyan in the Armenian parliament on Wednesday, reports TASS.

“I think that Azerbaijan pursued the goal of provoking a military conflict and using force to create a corridor from the Sevlich area (Syunik region of Armenia) to Bichenek (Nakhichevan). There is a 26 km wide Armenian territory,” he said.

He said that Armenia is considering an opportunity to appeal to the UN Security Council in connection with the problem on the border with Azerbaijan. “As for the opportunity to apply to the UN Security Council, this issue has been a subject of discussion from the first days. We have never ruled out that we can take this path if it turns out that the tools of the CSTO and the Armenian-Russian united grouping are insufficient to solve this problem,” he noted.

According to acting. Prime Minister, Armenia will not sign a document on the commission on the demarcation of the border with Azerbaijan until the withdrawal of his forces from the country. “There is no such possibility that we will sign the document without the withdrawal of [Azerbaijan’s] troops. We proposed two options: either the troops are withdrawn from the territory of Armenia, or the signed document clearly indicates after how many days the Azerbaijani troops will leave. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces must leave our territories, We are not discussing another possibility,” he said.

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