Goris Mayor: Armenian Armed Forces Completely Replace The Volunteer Detachments At Sev Lich in Syunik.

The armed forces completely replace the groups of volunteers near Black Lake (Sevlich), said Goris Mayor Goris Arush Arushanyan, reports Sputnik Armenia.

According to him, the volunteers completely transferred control of the territory near the lake to the regular army.

“Now there is no need for volunteer detachments. We were not told to go down. I told everyone that the problem was solved, we were replaced and it makes no sense to stay. If necessary, it is not far away, we will go right away,” Arushanyan said.

According to him, the Armed Forces are in control of the situation so that the Azerbaijanis do not try to move forward. He does not consider the recent increase in criticism of the military to be appropriate. Another question is that the state does not want to support the army.

According to Arushanyan, if the state refuses to fulfill its duties, the people should become an army and make a feasible contribution to ensuring the security of the borders.

“For example. Everyone can not buy new clothes for a month and for this money buy a sleeping bag for a serviceman. Or, instead of writing statuses, sitting at home, let them take a sleeping bag and come to the border,” Arushanyan said.

In his opinion, the Azerbaijani military who invaded Armenia can be completely discarded and even part of the territory lost during the war can be returned if the main negotiator in the person of Nikol Pashinyan changes.

Photo by Aram Nersesyan/Sputnik

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