Azerbaijani Forces Open Fire On Artsakh’s Sos Village Behind Armenian Positions, Towards Residents, Injuring A Civilian.

On May 17, Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened fire behind Armenian military positions in the direction of the residents of Artsakh’s Sos village in Martuni violating the ceasefire, informs Gegham Stepanyan, Artsakh’s Human Rights Defender & Hunan Grigoryan, the head of the Sos community, reports Artsakhpress

An Armenian civilian who was carrying out excavation work with an excavator was injured by shards of glass that broke as a result of the shot. Azerbaijani Forces stopped firing only after the intervention of Russian peacekeepers.

The Human Rights Defender states that the Azerbaijani side, ignoring the agreement reached at the highest political level and international legal norms, regularly resorts to provocations, endangering the life and health of the people of Artsakh. The incidents are aimed at disrupting the normal life of the people in different communities; they are directed against the physical and mental immunity of the people of Artsakh.

Taking into account the impossibility of the internal structures of Artsakh to prosecute the perpetrators of such incidents by the Azerbaijani side, the Defender urges to take appropriate steps to investigate the incidents, to conduct a tripartite investigation, to conduct a proper investigation into all registered cases, which will allow the perpetrators to be prosecuted.

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