Iranian MP Zonnour: Any Change In Borders Of The Region Are Unacceptable To Us, We Support Armenia’s Territorial Integrity.

Iranian MP Mojtaba Zonnour spoke in favor of Armenia’s territorial integrity and the preservation of the border between the Iran and Armenia amid a rise in tensions on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, after Azerbaijani Forces illegally entered the territory of the Republic of Armenia in three areas, reports Sputnik-Iran.

“The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran is very clear and decisive. We do not accept any change in the borders of the region. If part of the territory of Armenia is to be taken and our border conditions change, that is, we have a new neighbor, it is not acceptable for us. The borders of the past must be completely protected and the common border of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Armenia must be preserved,” said Zonnour, who is the head of of the Parliament’s Commission of National-Security and Foreign-Policy.

He further considered both countries entitled to maintain their territorial integrity and emphasized: “We support the position of Azerbaijan in preserving the territorial integrity of this country and the position of Armenia in preserving the territorial integrity, territory and neighborhood with Iran. We are neighbors of both countries and based on the conditions we had in the past, both countries as They are our neighbors, and by maintaining this neighborhood without accepting any change in the region, we support the territorial integrity of both countries.”

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