Azerbaijani Forces Advance Another 200-300 Meters Towards The Direction Of The Village Of Kut In Armenia’s Gegharkunik.

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces have advanced several hundred meters in the direction of the village of Kut, said head of the enlarged Geghamasar community Hakob Avetyan, reports Sputnik Armenia.

“They (the Azerbaijani units, ed.) Have not moved anywhere. Moreover, they have moved a little forward. Moving forward means taking positions. This does not mean that they have seized something, they just take positions,” Avetyan said.

Avetyan said that the Azerbaijanis moved forward 200-300 meters towards the village of Kut, despite the fact that before that they had advanced 2-3 kilometers in different areas in this direction.

The Armenian Armed Forces, in his words, do not allow further advancement, but the Azerbaijanis must withdraw – military actions are not beneficial to either side.

The head of the community expressed hope that the government will take the necessary steps, but so far, in practice, there has been no progress in this matter.

“We need a result, a positive decision. I am waiting for this every second. There is still no such thing,” said Avetyan.

At the moment, according to Avetyan, the villagers keep their cattle locked up – the Azerbaijanis have occupied the territory where the rural pastures are located.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that an agreement had been reached on the situation in the Syunik region of Armenia.

Photos by Petros Lagesyan/Sputnik

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