Azerbaijani Soldiers Reportedly Set To Withdraw From Sev Lich Area in Syunik by Tomorrow, Talks To Resume In Two Days.

Azerbaijani forces have agreed to retreat from the Black Lake (Sev Lich) area in Armenia’s Syunik after an agreement reached during the negotiation process in Syunik, but Azerbaijan is set to keep two checkpoints near the Armenian positions, said Spartak Minasyan, Mayor of Akner, reports Public Radio of Armenia.

Minasyan said he doesn’t possess further information on the areas the movement of the positions will take place. “They have to go back in some parts. Tents will be set up in our positions. The Azerbaijani side has not set up tents,” he said.

The process of withdrawing units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces from the border territory of Armenia should begin in the coming few hours. Negotiations with the Azerbaijani side have ended at the moment and are set to resume in two days.

Goris deputy mayor Menua Hovsepyan told Public Radio of Armenia that the Azerbaijani side has put forward some preconditions.

Earlier, Armenian MP Naira Zohrabyan stated, “The five-day negotiations with the Azerbaijanis have just ended. As I was told from Syunik, the result of the negotiations is positive for us and tomorrow the Azerbaijani armed forces must leave the territory of the Black Lake. Let’s hope that when tomorrow comes the Azerbaijani armed forces really leave the territory of the Black Lake and most importantly, it will not be at the expense of the sovereignty of another territory of Armenia. For example, Tigranashen.”

This information was confirmed by the deputy head of the Goris community, Irina Yolyan, informs Sputnik Armenia. The conditions of the withdrawal from Sev Lich will are still unknown.

Lieutenant-General Rustam Muradov, the commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces in Artsakh, the representatives of the General Staff and the first army corps of the Armenian Armed Forces participated in the negotiation process with the Azerbaijani side.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has not yet issued an official statement on the results of the negotiations.

Photo by Tigran Varag/Arm Geo

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