Armenia’s MoD: Azerbaijani Forces Remain Within Armenia’s Borders In Gegharkunik & Syunik As Situation Remains Unresolved.

Units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue to illegally occupy parts of the Armenia-Azerbaijani border in Syunik and Gegharkunik as the situation remains unresolved, informed the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in a statement.

The statement runs as follows,

“As of the morning of May 15, the situation created after the encroachments on certain border areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik regions of the Republic of Armenia by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on May 12-13 under the pretext of “border adjustment” has not been resolved yet.

Despite the fact that as a result of the actions taken by the Armenian subdivisions, the Azerbaijani military had to leave some parts, some of them are still in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia emphasize the need for a peaceful settlement of the situation, however, once again declaring that encroachments on the sovereign territories of Armenia are absolutely unacceptable, the Azerbaijani side is obliged to return to its starting positions without preconditions.

It should be noted that in all three directions, where the Azerbaijani armed forces tried to ensure positional advance, both the whole territory, the military and the ways of securing them are under the full control of the Armenian armed forces.

Negotiations for a peaceful solution to the conflict, which began on May 12, are expected to continue today.”

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