Group Of 8-10 Azeris In Civilian Clothing Penetrate Into Buffer Zone, Armenian Guards Show Restraint As Enemy Flees.

On April 28, at around 11:40 am, in the north-eastern part of the state border of Armenia, and entered the buffer zone, a group of 8-10 Azerbaijani soldiers in civilian clothing crossed the contact line, bringing with them 30-40 meter long pipes, to probably establish a water supply for a nearby Azerbaijani military position, informs the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

The Armenian Armed Forces noticed the Azerbaijani soldiers and demonstrated restraint, not giving into the provocations as the Azerbaijanis left the area, abandoning the pipes in the buffer zone.

No border incidents were registered in Vorotan-Davit Bek section of the Goris-Kapan inter-state road which is under the responsibility of the NSS border troops, informs the Armenian National Security Service.

The Armed Forces of Armenia and the NSS border troops confidently control the border situation along the entire borderline.

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