Creators of Armenian Wax Figures: We Tried To Create The Ugliest Images.

Three artists – Kamran Asadov, Mushfig Heydarov and Rashid Maharramov – took part in the creation of the wax figures of Armenian soldiers and officers, which are displayed in the War ‘Trophy’ Park in Baku. Together they created 26 figures, per employee interviewed R. Maharramov and K. Asadov:

  • Why was this job entrusted to you? Who did the offer come from?

R. Maharramov: – I have created sculptures of famous people, our heroes before. For example, I am the author of the monument to Mubariz Ibrahimov. Probably, the customers liked them.

K. Asadov: – We were contacted because we are engaged in this matter. The project was divided between us: me and Mushfig created 16, and Rashid – 10 figures.

  • Did you create Armenian images based on any examples or is it a product of your fantasies?

R. Maharramov: – I researched facts about Armenians in the media. Of course, this is a product of my ideas, and not images of any specific people.

K. Asadov: – We tried to create the ugliest images. We usually try to do something beautiful. But now it was the other way around. It was a long and difficult process. We gave them hooked noses, flat heads and other features.

  • How long did it take to create these figures?

R. Maharramov: – We worked day and night, from January to the present time. Usually, 30 sculptures are created in a year or more. But we did it in three and a half months.

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