Kuwaiti Businessman To Invest $30,000,000 In Mega-Agricultural Complex, Planting 350,000 Almond Trees In Armenia’s Armavir.

Armenia’s Ministry of Economy informed that Kuwaiti investor Khalife Al-Fadala of the Al-Abdalyah Group will plant 350,000 almond trees in 2021-2022 in a mega-agricultural complex in a $30,000,000 investment project in Armenia’s Armavir Province.

On March 31, Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan personally visited the 1,100 hectare area and toured the facility.

His post runs as follows,

“Today I visited the mega-agricultural complex of Al-Abdaliah Group LLC located in Armavir region, 1,100 hectares area, where 350,000 almond trees will be planted in 2021-2022. The investment is $30 million, the investor is Khalifa Al-Fadala from Kuwait.

The preparatory works are in full swing, in a month the first 55,000 trees will be planted.”

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