Italian MP Matteo Salvini: “Italy Cannot Share A Table With Turkey, Which Has Not Recognized The Armenian Genocide.”

Italian MP Matteo Salvini, in response to PM Mario Draghi said it’s impossible to negotiate with Turkey as long as that country has not recognized the Armenian Genocide, reports Armenpress.

“Of course, you are trying to bring a miracle into life, forcing the Turkish regime to demonstrate a good behavior, but I wish to remind that that regime rejects not only women’s rights, but any kind of freedom and even denies historical justice. Let’s not forget that justice for Armenians has not yet prevailed, the Armenian Genocide is not recognized yet. And as long as all these exist, I don’t think we can share a table with someone who jails those who dare to remember about historical justice,” said Italian MP Matteo Salvini in his speech.

Photo by Reuters/Remo Casilli

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