Armenian-Cypriot Rosalie Gorgorian Announces Her Candidacy For Cyprus’s Upcoming Parliamentary Elections.

This week, Armenian-Cypriot Rosalie Gorgorian announced her candidacy for Cyprus’s Parliament. She is a member of the Democratic Alignment party (Dimokratiki Parataxi), led by the former President of the Cyprus Parliament and Armenian Marios Garoyian. Gorgorian has extensive roots in the Armenian community, attending the Nareg Armenian School in her youth and establishing herself as an active member of the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus, developing a strong passion for the Armenian Cause. During her tenure on the ANCC body, the committee launched the Friends of Artsakh initiative in March 2020 bringing together Cypriot politicians from various parties and affiliations, journalists and academicians to bridge the Armenian Republic of Artsakh with the Armenian Diaspora and particularly with Cyprus. The Friends of Artsakh aim to raise awareness about the Armenian Republic of Artsakh in all international forums and arenas.

Gorgorian has received her education in London, earning her Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance with Honors from the Queen Mary, University of London before obtaining her Master’s Degree in Energy, Trade & Finance from The Business School (formerly Cass). After graduation, she worked at Bloomberg LP, before helping start Qbera Capital LLP, a London-based asset management and advisory firm. Upon her return to Cyprus, she served as the Head of Strategy and Business Development at D.E.K.S.A. Ltd., a commercial and industrial distribution company, where she set her sights on politics and now looks to begin her formal political career.

Elections to decide the 56 members of Cyprus’s Parliament will be held on May 30th, 2021.

Zartonk Media will be providing updates on Gorgorian’s campaign as we wish her the best of luck on her quest to become MP.

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