Armenian Trucks Reportedly Attacked By Azerbaijanis In Georgia.

Today, after midnight, Armenian trucks were reportedly attacked by Azerbaijanis near the Georgian village of Kvemo Ponichala, they threw stones and broke the front and side windows of some trucks, and fled the scene.

According to the Embassy, the trucks, accompanied by the patrol police, reached the Georgian-Armenian border and crossed it.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has initiated a criminal case in connection with this case.

The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia is in constant contact with the relevant authorities of Georgia, at the same time actively working to bring the perpetrators to justice, to prevent the recurrence of such cases.

According to some media reports, the attack was carried out by Azerbaijanis.

Azerbaijanis living in Georgia’s Marneuli make up 83% of the population, per 301 AD/Twitter.

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