Armenian-American Jeff Marootian Joins Joe Biden’s Climate & Science Team.

President-elect Joe Biden has named Armenian-American Jeff Marootian as his Special Assistant to the President for Climate and Science Agency Personnel, per Biden-Harris Transition Team.

Jeff Marootian is the Director of the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation and serves on the U.S. Department of Transportation Agency Review Team for the Biden- Harris Transition.

Prior to joining Mayor Muriel Bowser’s cabinet in 2017, Marootian served in the Obama-Biden Administration and held roles at the United States Department of Transportation as the White House Liaison, Assistant Secretary for Administration and Chief Sustainability Officer.

He was the Director of LGBTQ Outreach at the Democratic National Committee during the 2012 Obama-Biden re-election campaign. Originally from New Jersey, he is an alumnus of George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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