Catholicos Of Cilicia, Aram I, Declares 2021 The “Year of Artsakh.”

His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the of Cilicia, Aram I has declared 2021 the “Year Of Artsakh”

As it is known to our people, starting from 2003, His Holiness Aram A. With a special patriarchal declaration, His Holiness has dedicated each year to a value, concern or event related to our church, culture, homeland, our past and present. In this context, the theme of this year has become a special subject of attention for the children of our people, emphasizing the imperative of our spiritual and national belonging through various events within our dioceses.

Departing from the special importance presented to Artsakh, as well as from our deep concern over Artsakh as a result of the recent war, His Holiness declared 2021 the “Year Of Artsakh.”

The proclamation of His Holiness will be read at St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in the Mother Monastery of Antelias on Sunday, January 10, 2021, as well as on the same and the following Sunday in all our dioceses.

Let us inform you that as a first practical step in the call for support to our families in Artsakh, His Holiness dictated that the children of our people stay away from the festivities on the occasion of the New Year and allocate the expenses to be made to our children in Artsakh.

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